Our History

We are one of the few companies that have been operating continuously since November 1999 in the field of stock exchange transactions on the Athens Stock Exchange and in all international markets.

Statutory Purpose
a. The provision of services of affiliated representative to a S.A. providing investment services or a credit institution within the meaning and in accordance with the provisions of article 29 of Law 3606/2007, as currently valid and the receipt and subsequent transmission to the represented legal entity of client orders investment services, or financial instruments, the provision of advice on the above investment services, or financial instruments, the provision of advertising services of investment and ancillary services which may be provided by the represented legal entity to clients or potential clients, the provision of mediation services for the placement of financial instruments, as well as the provision of client referral services to a public limited company providing investment services or a credit institution for the conclusion of cooperation. The Company, in order to achieve its purpose, may establish branches in Greece. The Company is not entitled to hold funds and financial instruments owned by customers. The above purpose is subject to the restrictions and regulations of Law 3606/2007, as in force.

b. The provision of consulting services to companies, the establishment of clients, market research, the promotion of companies in the market, the organization of seminars and business events, the conduct of economic and tax studies.

c. The preparation of studies and the provision of financial services and advice on asset transactions, liability management, acquisitions and mergers, corporate capital structure, business financing or business strategy, privatization of public bodies, the design and implementation of investment programs and mediation to potential investors.

Years in Business
Clients and Partners
Portfolios' Valuation


Basic Elements of our Company

• PROTEAS SA Consulting & Intermediation Services is based on the experience and professional excellence of Paris Tsogarlidis with a constantly growing clients portfolio.
• Exclusive partner for the processing of transactions in the Greek Capital Market is Solidus Securities SA.
• The total valuation of the customers’ portfolios who trust PROTEAS SA for their transactions is approximately €25m.


Areas of Company Activities

• We provide stock exchange access to financial stocks, bonds, derivatives, commodities, CFDs, mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) in all international markets – including Greece.
• Access to transactions directly through the online market platforms of Interactive Brokers, Z-Trade & ZuluTrade for cruptocurrencies
• Preparation of financial studies, business plan and strategic management of companies and associations operating in Greece.


Our Way to Success
Company formed

Establishment of PROTEAS AELDE (SA of Receiving & Transmitting Orders) by Mr. P. Tsogkarlidis based at 2 Skiathou Street in Thessaloniki


Conversion of PROTEAS SA (Receiving & Transmitting Orders) to PROTEAS AEED (Investment Intermediation Firm)


Obtained a license from the Hellenic Capital Market Commission for the provision of investment advice, Decision 4/445 / 27.9.2007 of the Board of Directors of the Hellenic Capital Market Commission, No.Prot. 4297 / 15-10-2007

Tied Agent

Acquisition of all minority percentages by Mr. Paris Tsogarlidis, conversion of PROTEAS AEED into PROTEAS SA Consulting & Intermediation Services. Regarding the stock exchange transactions, PROTEAS SA becomes an exclusive affiliated representative (Tied Agent) of SOLIDUS Securities SA. Transfer of headquarters to Salaminos 2 in the center of Thessaloniki.

New offices

Transfer of headquarters to 15 Dodekanisou Street in Thessaloniki


Transfer of headquarters to 19 N. Kountourioti Street in Thessaloniki

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